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Aug 3, 2023

The Perfect Match: How to Sell a House That's Not Even on the Market

Find the Right Buyer for Your Unique Home with Numerical Real Estate: Selling a property doesn't have to follow the conventional route. With Numerical Real Estate, we specialise in connecting unique homes with the perfect buyers. Our extensive network and tailored marketing strategies allow us to reach potential buyers who appreciate what your home has to offer. If you have a one-of-a-kind property, let us turn it into a sold sign. Explore the unconventional route with Numerical Real Estate and discover endless possibilities!

Aug 2, 2023

Understanding the Buyer's Journey: Tips to Align Your Selling Strategy

Align our Selling Strategy with Buyer Needs through Numerical Real Estate: Understanding the buyer's perspective is at the heart of our approach at Numerical Real Estate. We delve into the buyer's journey, crafting strategies that resonate with their needs and aspirations. Our personalised approach ensures that our selling plan aligns perfectly with what buyers are looking for. By choosing Numerical Real Estate, you're not only making a wise selling decision; you're choosing us to lead to successful sales. Let's make your selling experience not just a transaction, but a triumph!

Jul 31, 2023

Maximize Your Property's Appeal: Open House Strategies

Open house inspections are a vital part of the selling process, and at Numerical Real Estate, we excel in showcasing your property's best features. Our innovative approach includes professional staging, high-quality photography, and targeted marketing to attract serious buyers. We understand that each home is unique, and we customize our strategies to highlight its individual charm. By choosing Numerical Real Estate, you're not just listing your property; you're creating an unforgettable experience that resonates with buyers. Your dream sale is more achievable than ever!

May 15, 2023

Have you ever heard the term "off-market" listing and wondered what it means?

At Numerical Real Estate, we define it as a property that's for sale or has already been sold without any public advertising. This term pops up in property conversations and is usually linked to a property that needs an urgent sale. Off-market sales aren't an ideal way to achieve the maximum price. They are often a last-minute choice. This type of sale means a seller can sell their home if presented with an acceptable offer but has decided not to promote the fact. Off-market sales are common if a vendor needs an immediate sale, such as due to a relationship breakdown, financial reasons, or a deceased estate. Some vendors with tricky families or neighbours sometimes see value in keeping the home's sale out of the public eye. One disadvantage of an off-market sale is that buyers have to dig deeper to unearth off-market properties as they're not publicly advertised. The estate agent is still key to discovering these properties, so making sure your local agent knows your property searching profile can make all the difference. At Numerical Real Estate, we believe that the key to spotting an off-market sale is "relationships, relationships, relationships." Once a buyer has identified an area of interest they should then network and create new contacts with local agents. We are able to "keep you in the loop" and advise any of these sales that might suit you. While off-market sales offer an exclusivity opportunity, buying a property through this method still has its disadvantages, including that you still have to find a property that meets all of your criteria. If you're looking for a property to buy or sell in Port Lincoln, Streaky Bay, and Ceduna, we encourage you to reach out to our expert agents at Numerical Real Estate. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the local real estate market, possessing an intricate understanding of the unique attributes and value of the landscape in these three locations.  We can advise the best marketing strategy to suit your circumstances and use our vast experience to provide "results that count"

May 15, 2023

Property Marketing with a Difference

Are you ready to sell your property and get the best possible return? Look no further! With our unparalleled marketing techniques, your property will stand out from the rest. We know that first impressions are everything, that's why we begin by capturing stunning photos and creating detailed floor plans. But that's only the start - the EP's only FPV licenced drone operator takes it to the next level with an exciting and unique First Person View (FPV) tour of your property, providing potential buyers an unforgettable experience that they simply can't get anywhere else. This groundbreaking approach has been proven to increase sharing and reach, leading to even more potential buyers. So why wait? Contact us now for a free appraisal and let us show you how we can get more eyeballs on your property.

Oct 14, 2022

Open Inspections- selling your property

Open inspections are similar to first dates - you have a short time to impress. Here are our top tips to prepare for your next open inspection: 1. Let Light into your home 2. Make your home smell nice 3. Think about security 4. Make yourself scarce

Dec 9, 2020

South Australia Becoming A Hot Spot For Interstate Buyers

Those of us who live here understand just how much South Australia has to offer, and in particular the Eyre Peninsula. With its beautiful coastlines, natural sanctuaries and much less densely populated areas it appears from recent data that interstate buyers are also seeing the attraction of calling our state ‘home’.  Information given to us from Domain.com.au shows that 13.3% of enquiry over the last 3 months has come from interstate (QLD/VIC/NSW). Despite this, new listings have been declining showing a big gap in the market for anyone wanting to sell their property for a good return. An undersaturated market makes it the perfect time to list and expect a faster turn-around and higher sell-price.  For the Eyre Peninsula, total property views have increased by 25% in recent months. We are seeing an increase in buyers looking to settle here on the Eyre Peninsula.  Despite the unsettled year we have experienced, the number of sales has increased compared to last year. We have seen an increase in activity both online and at our open inspections. This means there is only one thing for you to do; give us a call. If you’re a buyer get in ahead of the competition and if you would like to sell, we can talk to you about the strategies we are using to get the best possible price.

Sep 17, 2020

When Is The Best Season To Sell Your House?

Everyone knows that Spring is the best season to sell a house, right? The main reason behind this myth is that after the cold and wretchedness of winter, there is a bigger pool of home purchasers getting all over town to search for properties. This implies more rivalry for properties, which drives costs up. On head of that, gardens put their best self forward, there's more sunshine and it's commonly a great time showcase your home in great light. There’s nothing like a warm sunny day for a home open after all! Sure – there is some truth behind this. But one thing to remember if you are holding out for the sunnier season, you won't be the only homeowner looking to sell with a similar thought. On the off chance that there's nothing especially unique about your home, it could become mixed up in an oversupplied real estate market. Autumn is usually the next best season according to real estate mythology. Truth be told, properties will sell at any time of the year if they are marketed right and well-prepared for inspections. We thought it might be helpful expand your thinking on this a little starting with the different factors you need to consider before selling your home: What the market is doing. Supply and demand will have the greatest effect on whether it's a buyer’s or seller’s market. The key question to ask is – is the market oversupplied or undersupplied? Your own need to sell. Can you wait until Spring to list, or is your home ready to go? Logistically moving to a new house in busy times of the year could put extra pressure on your family, plus if you need to find alternative accommodation in the interim when you first move out, certain seasons will have higher costs associated. The area of your property. Beach front homes are way more attractive in the Summer, while a rural property may look best in the middle of winter when crops are at their best. Spring Upside - Winter's finished, the weather is heating up and gardens are in bloom. Spring is a period of optimism and expectation, when individuals are prepared to get outside more regularly and begin scanning for that ideal property. The long winter tends to trigger a desire for change. Downside – Everyone else who is ready to sell is probably thinking the same and so the market will be overrun with properties potentially similar to yours, reducing your chance of good exposure and good return. Summer Upside – depending on where your property is, Summer could be a great time to sell. There are traditionally more tourists in the area with family events and school holidays. The warmth and the jovial time that summer brings encourages people to move to the area. Beach or waterfront properties are great for this period. Very few people list during this time which opens up the opportunity for your property to shine through. Downside – The lead up to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations often fills up schedules which can mean less people are in the mood for house-hunting. Autumn Upside – Summer celebrations are done; people are back at work and have moved on to activating their dreams or plans to move into a new place. There is more time for looking around and weather here on the Eyre Peninsula is still beautifully warm giving your home the best chance to shine in the autumn sun. Easter holidays and plenty of long weekends in this period could be attractive for people looking to manage their move around work commitments. Downside – People are ‘settled in’ for the year, especially those with families and may not be interested in moving at that time. Winter Upside – More people are indoors and settled into spending time researching online. With little outdoors to be done, it’s the perfect time to expose your property to those who are unsettled and stuck indoors. The market is quieter during this time giving your home more chance to stand out. There is quite a bit of movement from people who have sold in Autumn too and are looking for a new home to move into. Downside – people are less motivated to attend opens and get out and about on a house hunt. With shorter days and less sunshine homes can look a little lack-lustre during this time. Good lighting and heating within the home when you do have inspections is encouraged during this season. Before you choose to list your home, have a chat to our local real estate sales team who can walk you through the current opportunities to sell. You can get an appraisal sorted and be ready for whichever season you decide to jump into.